Steering Committee

Van Gosse, Department of History, Franklin & Marshall College

Sally Guttmacher, School of Global Public Health, New York University

Patrick Manning, Department of History, University of Pittsburgh

Bridget Trogden, Division of Undergraduate Studies/Academic Affairs, Clemson University

Margaret Power, Department of History, Illinois Institute of Technology

Mark Sanders, Department of Philosophy, University of North Carolina-Charlotte

Nancy Thomas, Director, Institute for Democracy and Higher Education

Campbell Streator, Executive Director, Every Vote Counts

Kathryn Quintin, Partnerships Manager, Students Learn Students Vote Coalition

Samantha Perlman, Civic Engagement Manager, Scholars Strategy Network

Sabrina Medler, Civic Engagement Intern, Scholars Strategy Network / Faculty Network

Rachael Houston, Faculty Resources Coordinator, Campus Election Engagement Project

[Institutional Affiliations Listed for Identification Purposes Only]