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Join the Faculty Network for Student Voting Rights 

Join the Faculty Network for Student Voting Rights 

  • The Faculty Network is a coalition of faculty across U.S. institutions dedicated to equipping students with the tools and education to vote in any and all elections.
  • As a member of the faculty at my institution, I pledge to support the right of our students to vote on campus or by absentee ballot, thereby joining the Faculty Network, an initiative under Scholars Strategy Network.
  • I give permission for my name to be shared publicly and to be added to our email list.

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I will commit to do the following
  1. Provide information about options for voter registration (by mail if my campus moves online) and polling places and times in my classes;
  2. Cooperate with other groups on my campus seeking to register, educate, and turn-out students to vote;
  3. Make my classroom available for voter registration by a trained nonpartisan volunteer, as appropriate, and encourage other faculty to do so;
  4. Enlist administration and faculty to support efforts to register and turn-out students to vote, including seeking on-campus polling sites and early voting locations, and facilitating vote-by-mail as appropriate;
  5. Recruit other faculty and support what they are doing, even if I am retired

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Optional Demographic Information
Faculty Network collects this optional information in order to gain basic demographic information about our members and improve the diversity of the Network. The information is stored on a secured system, used only for internal purposes and is not passed on to third parties.