About us

We are a diverse group of faculty at all levels, at institutions throughout the United States. As an initiative housed under the Scholars Strategy Network, we are dedicated specifically and solely to urging faculty members to play a consistent role every year in student voting and civic engagement efforts. We focus on providing resources to use in teaching, creating a structured space for faculty to collaborate across discipline and university and utilizing faculty members’ positioning to connect with young voters.

Faculty network:

  • Organizes cross-institutional coalitions of faculty at the state level
  • Connects individual academics with student-led groups in their states, cities, and specific institutions to provide support navigating voting process

The network will provide:

  • Training materials, information on how to adhere to nonpartisan guidelines, and FAQs, drawing on national organizations
  • Access to local, regional, and national networks focused on student voting
  • A “Faculty Pledge” wherein instructors commit to helping register students, publicizing elections-related information, and lobbying campus administrations on behalf of their students’ right to vote
  • A rapid response network to respond to attacks on students and faculty who advocate for campus voting.

To support students on your campus, and in your community and state, join the network.