FacNet currently has over 300+ members representing a range of U.S states and institutions. Below is a map representing where members are located.

FacNet members map

In addition to the central Steering Committee, FacNet also operates with five issue-specific committees. The steering committee meets virtually on the second Friday of each month at 11am (ET) & the subcommittees operate on a bi-weekly or as needed basis. Below are the subcommittee priorities

Tenure, Promotion, and Reappointment

Focused on:

  1. Actively working on guides for faculty and TPR committees on how to describe and evaluate democratic engagement activities.

Curriculum & Scholarship

Focused on:

  1. Creating and disseminating written posts on how to best support faculty in democratic engagement work in the classroom and through scholarly activities.
  2. Supporting grant projects by our members and creating opportunities for webinars on democratically engaged curriculum and scholarship as topics arise

Local Elections

Focused on:

  1. Media and information literacy related to state and local elections.
  2. Promoting voter turnout in state and local elections
  3. Identifying teaching resources related to state and local elections
    1. Focus on civically engaged and service-learning resources
  4. Here is an example of a recent projects: State and local election roadmap. 
  5. Gathering state and local election resources for various states.

STEM Mobilization

Focused on:

  1. Working towards creating resources and opportunities for faculty who are committed to increasing civic engagement in STEM.
  2. Connecting STEM majors with non-partisan voter engagement efforts

Voter Engagement and Redistricting 

Focused on:

  1. Promoting and developing intercollegiate and college-community collaboration.
  2. Supporting local campus efforts (panels, lectures, symposia via social media, ideally events that can be streamed when possible and appropriate).